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DIY AC Maintenance Tip #1: If you have visited our Indoor Air Quality page, you know how important it is to change your filters. Remembering to change your filters on a regular basis can be difficult when there are so many other things that need your attention. We recommend to all of our customers that they do a few simple things to help remind them on a monthly basis to change their filters.
  • Pick a monthly bill, like your electric bill, and change your filter when you receive that bill.
  • When you change your old filter, label the new one with the current date. This way you can keep track of the last time you changed your filter and it will help develop a great habit.
  • Set a monthly reminder on your smart phone to purchase a new filter when you are at the grocery store/home improvement store.


DIY AC Maintenance Tip #2: Preventing your drain line from becoming clogged with dirt, dust, and algae is simple, easy, and quick. In the attic you will find your evaporator coil and out of the evaporator coil you will see a PVC pipe. This PVC pipe will usually have an opening somewhere close by. If it does not have an opening, contact your local air conditioning repair company, hopefully us, to install an opening in your drain. On a monthly basis slowly pour one to two cups of bleach mixed with some water into this opening. This will help destroy the algae and build-up of other things that can clog your drain line. Learn more about air conditioner drain lines here!


DIY AC Maintenance Tip #3: Located outside of your home is your condenser unit. The condenser is a major component of your air conditioning system and requires very specialized maintenance by a HVAC professional. Opening the condenser should never be attempted by the homeowner, however there is something that you can do to help keep this component operating at peak efficiency in between your regular AC maintenance: cleaning! Using a low-pressure water hose, spray a steady stream of water on the side of the condenser in between the fins. You will most likely see a decent amount of dirt and grass begin to come out of the bottom of the condenser. This blockage reduces the efficiency of the heat transfer and makes the unit struggle to cool your home. This cleaning can be done once a month or once every two months to help your unit run in optimum condition.


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